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Advanced Natural Gas Turbines for Oilfield Power Equipment

Dynamo small gas turbines are designed for the rigorous needs of the oilfield.
By taking care of fuel flexibility and load balancing,
our engines enable your equipment to be truly plug-and-play.


True Fuel Flexibility

Running on associated petroleum gas (flare gas) is hard. Dynamo engines feature true fuel flexibility. No tuning. No hardware changes.

Our advanced engine management system continuously monitors and adjusts fuel into the combustion chamber and tunes engine performance to deliver consistent power regardless of fuel source.

This means equipment powered by a Dynamo can operate on any gaseous fuel. From propane to flare gas, fuel can be hot-swapped without impacting performance.

Intelligent Load Balancing

Dynamo engines and generators employ state of the art controls and solid stage power electronics to push the envelope on load management.

Equipment powered by Dynamo has fast throttle response and thrives on cyclic loads.

By incorporating cutting edge energy storage techniques dynamo power equipment have less power fluctuation and smooth transient block response.

Reliable & Low Maintenance

With annual maintenance requirements of only a few hours, Dynamo heat and power solutions keep your operations running.

Modular system architecture allows for quick and easy replacement of components to minimize downtime and maximize productivity.

Proven reliability of gas turbine technology results in heat and power equipment that lasts longer, requires less maintenance, and has a lower total cost of ownership.


Maximizing Productivity
Minimizing Distraction


Flameless Air Heater

Cathodic Protection Solution



The Oilfield Tough Edition of the MT flameless air heater is a one of kind heating solution. The Dynamo powered flameless heater provides volumes of heat and massive CFMs. With a TurboCore under the hood, this flameless heater runs on any gas such as propane and wellhead gas.  The  result is aggressive savings, with payback within a season of use.

The PowerCore-CPS is an impressed cathodic protection solution tailored to pipeline customer needs.  The solution operates on pipeline gas with minimal configuration and requires only annual maintenance.  The result is a plug-and-play solution that delivers reliable power.

Key Features:

Small footprint, high CFM, high heat

Unparalleled fuel flexibility: handles 900-2400 BTU/scf, up to 50% water cut

Realtime remote monitoring and control

Discover the MT Flameless Heater

Key Features:

240VAC 1φ standard, rectified options available

Unparalleled fuel flexibility: handles 900-2400 BTU/scf, up to 50% water cut

Rugged package and fully automated controls

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The Dynamo TurboCore is a robust, low maintenance, fuel-flexible gas turbine engine platform offering concentrated, high-quality heat for a variety of heating applications.

The Dynamo PowerCore is a robust, low maintenance, and fuel flexible gas turbine electric generator that is purpose built for providing reliable power to the oil and gas industry.  The PowerCore is designed to be a true plug-and-play solution for off-grid power generation in the oil patch.

Key Features:

Compact 700,000 BTU/hour heat output engine

Unparalleled fuel flexibility: handles 900-2400 BTU/scf, up to 50% water cut

Adaptive controls means no tuning or adjustments required

One hour annual maintenance cycle – 99.5% availability

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Key Features:

10 kW electric output (240VAC 1φ standard, others available)

Unparalleled fuel flexibility: handles 900-2400 BTU/scf, up to 50% water cut

Rugged package and fully automated controls

Proprietary energy storage system seamlessly handles load changes

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OEM Integration & Custom Solutions

Dynamo works closely with OEM partners to customize our engines for the end use application.  This allows us to amplify the core value of our product to end users.  If you are looking to OEM our engines, or have an application where our engine can solve a real problem, click below to learn more about our OEM program.

OEM Engine Applications

   OEM Engine Program