• 7.5 kW Micro Turbine

    We offer an off the shelf 7.5kW micro turbine that burns propane and is ready to integrate into your finished product.

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    7.5 kW Micro Turbine
  • Revolutionary Turbine Design

    Our turbine design platform takes the guesswork out of micro-turbine design.  With simple inputs like power output, fuel type, and desired dimensions we can quickly design and validate an engine to fit your needs

    Revolutionary Turbine Design
  • Economical Quick-Turn Design

    We use an innovative “slice” architecture that allows core turbine components to be reconfigured while leveraging low-cost, mass market, manufacturing processes.

    Economical Quick-Turn Design
  • Portable Micro-Turbine Power Generators

    Dynamo Micropower is developing a new family of low-cost portable micro turbines to address the 5kW segment of the power generation market.  A 5kW unit will weigh in at under 100 lbs.

    Portable Micro-Turbine Power Generators

Oil and Gas

Upstream oil & gas facilities are often located in remote areas with scarce electricity.  Dynamo can help reduce the cost of operating stripper wells by 50%.  Find out how here ….

Emergency Response

When disaster strikes easy access to reliable portable power can save lives. When compared with a traditional diesel generator Dynamo can provide the same power with half the weight and size. See how we do it here …

Custom Design Services

Our EngineD proprietary design tool enables quick turn design for 1-10kW micro turbines reducing design cycles that previously took months, to a couple week.  Learn more ….

The team at Dynamo has done a great job of first imagining a portable power generation product that coupled 21st century design  principles with mature materials and manufacturing processes. They are turning that imagined product into reality, and in the process redefining the small engine marketplace.–Matt Lazarewicz, Turbine Design Expert and former CTO of Beacon Power