Whether you need a flameless heater or a genset at the wellhead, operating your power equipment can be expensive and time consuming. Diesel engines may be reliable, but the fuel adds a lot to operating expense. Natural gas reciprocating engines and turbines claim to operate reliably on flare gas, but fail to live up to expectations…read more

If you are looking for an oilfield natural gas engine with the ease of use of diesel, you have come to the right place.

 Operating on natural gas found at the well head is technically challenging because it’s raw—unrefined and completely unpredictable. Unlike the natural gas you get at home, wellhead gas has a unique consistency determined by the hydrocarbons in it and the consistency of gas coming out of the well will vary over the course of a day. Our advanced engine management system constantly tunes the engine in real time to the consistency of fuel coming into the engine. Our engines control system is robust enough to handle hot swapping of fuels from propane to CNG to raw wellhead gas without skipping a beat.

 Further complicating matters are other common contaminants, from the seemingly innocuous CO2 and water to the downright corrosive Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) and salts. We handle corrosive compounds utilizing advanced space grade nickel alloys. In traditional engines CO2 makes combustion harder to control and increases carbon coking, whereas modest amounts of water (<50 ppm) can cause catastrophic failure in even the most robust engines. Liquid water and condensate formation in oilfield natural gas is a common challenge for gensets. Our advanced combustion and engine management system can take up to 50% liquids in the fuel steam without a misfire. True fuel flexibility means less spent on scrubbers and fuel conditioning systems—and less time spent keeping such a complex and potentially mix-matched system operating smoothly.

The result is a better, more reliable way to reduce flare gas while powering equipment at the wellhead. Dynamo powered equipment is very cost effective to own with demonstrated payback in as few as six months. Operating with a Dynamo also reduces environmental footprint. By mixing air better with the associated petroleum gas, we completely combust nearly >99% of hydrocarbons, which is significantly better than the most advanced flare stacks.

For more information on powering equipment with a Dynamo, please see our series titled: ‘Fuels and Combustion Dynamics