January 23, 2018 Melanie Jones

Dynamo Micropower Sells TurboCore(TM) Turbines for Produced Water Treatment Applications

Gas-powered units will deliver high-quality heat for in-field water purification.

January 23, 2018

Houston: Dynamo Micropower is pleased to announce the sale of 11 of its TurboCore gas turbines to SeaChange Technologies, a provider of sustainable water treatment systems. The turbines, scheduled for delivery in early 2018, will be used to generate heat for in-field treatment of produced water.

Water management remains one of the greatest challenges facing oil and gas producers today. Produced water—including both naturally occurring water and recovered water from fracture stimulation that is extracted together with oil and gas from the reservoir—is an EPA-regulated waste material. Billions of barrels of produced water are generated on an annual basis, and its disposal is the single highest cost component of US oil and gas production. These challenges have prompted operators to find cost-effective, reliable, and sustainable on-site recycling solutions, like those provided by SeaChange.

Working in conjunction with SeaChange’s mobile produced water treatment systems, Dynamo’s TurboCore gas turbines enable such a solution. The turbines produce high-quality heat at temperatures of up to 600ºC, which is subsequently used in the purification process.

“We have struggled to find electric or engine-based systems that serve our need for compact size, massive air flow and heat, and reliability,” said SeaChange Technologies CEO, Dipak Mahato. “The gas-powered TurboCore allows us to commercially pilot our unique zero-discharge produced water treatment systems, delivering value to US oil and gas producers.”

“We’re proud that our TurboCore turbines will be an integral part of SeaChange Technologies’ novel water treatment solution,” said Jason Ethier, Co-founder and CEO of Dynamo Micropower. “This application is but one example of the many ways that our turbines help solve in-field power and processing challenges while significantly lowering flare gas emissions at the same time.”

About SeaChange Technologies:  SeaChange Technologies (www.seachangetechnologies.com) has developed an innovative approach to water treatment and desalination, and is focused on developing cost-effective solutions for oil/gas produced water disposal.  SeaChange Technologies’ patented process will allow oil and gas producers to reduce water disposal volumes, their single largest operating cost, by eliminating wastewater transport and saltwater well disposal.

About Dynamo Micropower
Dynamo Micropower (www.dynamo-micropower.com) is a technology company specializing in the development of in-field power solutions tailored to the needs of the oil and gas industry. Powered by Any-Gas™, the full range of gases available in the field, our advanced fuel-flexible gas turbine technologies turn fugitive gas into fuel. Our distributed power solutions routinely deliver grid-level reliability and low cost of ownership, while helping operators lower CO2 emissions in the field.