October 7, 2015 Jason

Dynamo Micropower Receives Large TurboCore Follow-on Order After Sucessful Field Trials & Proven Operation on Bakken Wellhead Gas

October 7, 2015

Somerville, MA – Dynamo Micropower today announced receipt of an order for 25 TurboCore TC700H engines from Multitek North America, for use in the oil & gas and construction industries. Multitek is a leading manufacturer of heavy industrial products including flameless heaters and forestry equipment.  These game changing engines deliver the promise of small turbine technology: fuel flexibility, reliability, and easy maintenance.

Dynamo Micropower worked with Multitek to co-develop a unique industrial heater during the second half of 2014 built around the fuel-flexible TurboCore engine. The TurboCore engine has an advanced fully automated control system and fuel-flexible combustion technology which allows for plug and play operation on any gaseous fuel. This allows the TurboCore to autoconfigure for unprocessed, unfiltered natural gas as well as propane and CNG. The controls system even dynamically adjusts for changing composition and energy content of wellhead fuels. The new heater reduces operating costs by more than 40% compared with its diesel competition, at approximately ½ the weight and size.

The TurboCore platform offers reliability, fuel flexibility, and simple integration. The system has only two moving parts and a passive lubrication system which translates to higher uptime and minimal maintenance requirements.

“Instead of wasting flare gas, our customers can rely on TurboCore engines to transform it into useful heat and save them money” – Doug Kamps, President, Multitek North America’

Dynamo Micropower is currently developing a 1.5 million BTU/hour heat output TurboCore engine and anticipates releasing the new product in 2016, and is preparing to install their first PowerCore PC10 electric generating turbine system in the fourth quarter of 2015.

About Dynamo Micropower
Dynamo Micropower is a producer of small gas turbine engines, based in Somerville Massachusetts. Dynamo sells engines, associated control systems and applications engineering to OEM partners that build reliable, fuel-flexible heat and power solutions. Dynamo Micropower gas turbine engines compete favorably with diesel engines in many applications.