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TurboCore | Dynamo




Case Studies

Dynamo/Multitek Turbine Heater


"Instead of wasting flare gas, our customers can rely on TurboCore engines to transform it into useful heat and save them money. "
Doug Kamps, President - Multitek North America

Dynamo Micropower has partnered with Multitek North America to develop and build revolutionary heaters for use in the oil & gas and construction industries,  built around the TurboCore engine.


Core Technology



The TurboCore engine was conceived as a purpose built gas turbine specifically tailored to the needs of the oil & gas industry, based largely on customer feedback and shortcomings of incumbent technologies. We took a unique approach and designed a system with emphasis on reliability and maximum operable fuel range to provide stable operation and consistent heat output.

The Dynamo TurboCore is a robust, low maintenance, truly fuel-flexible gas turbine engine platform offering high-quality, concentrated heat for a variety of heating applications at extremely low operating costs. Adaptive fully automated controls and proprietary combustion technology allow the TurboCore to operate on a wide variety of fuels with no mechanical adjustments or software tuning.  This includes LPG, CNG, wet gas, and wellhead gas.


Multitek Heater in Field (run on well gas) - cropped to 500x460


The Dynamo TurboCore engine was designed from day one with reliability and ease of maintenance as core functions. The system is designed with only a single moving part, minimizing the opportunities for breakdowns. We utilize a passive lubrication system, eliminating auxiliary systems that can fail.

This lubrication system is also designed with ceramic ball bearings and a total loss oil consumption system, which doesn’t require any oil changes. Oil is stored in an integral reservoir within the turbomachinery housing that slowly consumes oil, meaning it just needs to be refilled. We’ve also included a sight glass window as a visual indicator allowing quick and easy preventative maintenance.

Maintenance of only a couple hours per year is required. All maintenance can be done with basic hand tools and little technical aptitude. If any issues occur with the single moving part, four bolts and a hose clamp are all that is required to remove and replace in minutes.



Dynamo Micropower has developed a proprietary controls system which is key to maintaining safe and reliable operation of our gas turbine engines. We have made operation and integration of TurboCore engines simple by providing a base control code which can be built upon to achieve your product goals. Dynamo applications engineers can assist you with building a product based on our engine & controls system.

Our gas turbine controls are adaptive, meaning that there are no settings to change or tuning required to operate on varying fuels. The controls system auto-adjusts parameters during operation to accommodate dynamically changing energy content, density, and composition fuels while maintaining a constant and steady heat output.

The TurboCore controls system is designed to UL5-+08a Class 2 Control Circuit standards, ensuring industry best practices and compliance with electrical codes.




While the turbomachinery is the heart of our solution, the combustor is the stomach. The combustor takes compressed air from the compressor and adds heat in the form of burned hydrocarbons. It sends the hot air back through the turbine, enabling the thermodynamic cycle to close. We’ve designed this combustor to feature very high stability across a very broad range of fuel mixtures and turn down ratings, and even designed for contaminants in the fuel – from liquids like water to the more nastier elements you may find in the oilpatch.

Others claim to be fuel-flexible, yet require manual adjustments or software tuning for minor changes in fuel inputs to actually work. Dynamo TurboCore is the only truly plug-and-play fuel flexible heating engine on the market today.



Innovations in manufacturing and materials technologies have finally allowed high-performance alloys and coatings to be used cost effectively for small turbomachinery. We’re leveraging these technological breakthroughs to offer unprecedented performance and reliability at cost competitive prices. Using high performance materials such as Inconel turbomachinery, aerospace grade aluminum alloys, ceramic thermal barrier coatings, Ni-Resist housings, and ceramic ball bearings, the TurboCore engine is built to last.



OEM Integration

Are you an OEM who wants to partner to develop a revolutionary product from the TurboCore engine & controls platform? Dynamo’s applications engineers can work with you to integrate our TurboCore platform into your product seamlessly.

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Technical Support

Having issues with your TurboCore based product? We can help!

Please include the serial numbers located on both the combustor nameplate and the TurboCore rotating assembly underside. Front Render, no wye, serial number arrows

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