Powered by Any-Gas™


Turning Fugitive Gas Into Fuel

Grid Level Reliability

Dynamo’s PowerCore™ gensets deliver distributed power with grid reliability. Our units run with a guaranteed uptime of 99%.

Low Cost of Ownership

PowerCore™ is custom designed for the oil field and eliminates diesel fuel, which lowers your total cost of ownership for distributed power by up to 80%.

Run on Any-Gas™

PowerCore™ uses the full range of gases in the field as a fuel source—from wellhead gas and propane to wet gas and flare gas. Waste gas that is typically flared now becomes a cheap and plentiful fuel source that helps you lower your greenhouse emissions.





The PowerCore™ is an impressed cathodic protection solution tailored to pipeline customer needs.  The solution operates on pipeline gas with minimal configuration and requires only annual maintenance.  The result is a plug-and-play solution that delivers reliable power.

The Oilfield Tough Edition of the HeaterCore™ is a one of kind heating solution. The Dynamo powered flameless heater provides volumes of heat and massive CFMs. With a TurboCore under the hood, this flameless heater runs on any gas such as propane and wellhead gas.  The  result is aggressive savings, with payback within a season of use.

Key Features:

240VAC 1φ standard, rectified options available

Unparalleled fuel flexibility: handles 900-2400 BTU/scf, up to 50% water cut

Rugged package and fully automated controls

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Key Features:

Small footprint, high CFM, high heat

Unparalleled fuel flexibility: handles 900-2400 BTU/scf, up to 50% water cut

Realtime remote monitoring and control

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