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Dynamo Value Proposition: Turbo Core Design Credo | Dynamo
December 10, 2013 Jason Ethier

Dynamo Value Proposition: Turbo Core Design Credo

The Dynamo value proposition is conceptually very simple.  Dynamo provides portable power with a reliable, fuel flexible engine.  

But this is just a short hand version of what customers really need, which is the ability to have power generated when and where they need it, while being accessible to existing staff and leveraging their existing supply chain.  Ultimately this will minimize operating costs and maximize availability.
This is a universal need and our competitors would be remiss if they ignored this fundamental fact while they try to provide products to meet customer needs.  What we find is there are many of you who are on this website looking for something different, because the existing products do not meet that basic need. 
How do we provide you with superior value? To do this we stick to three simple tenants which guide our product development.


we are building a product that “just works.”  Years of formula racing taught our team that having a robust design is far more important than having the lightest car or the fanciest widgets.  No one will care how fast you are, unless you can cross the finish line.  To that end we are going back to basics with our turbine to build a simple, robust platform that will always perform when you need it. 

This point has significant depth.  Not only does it have to work here in our Development Center in Boston, but it also needs to work on the Alaskan North Slope and in the Texas Gulf Coast, a reflection of the fact that we are playing in a global market with diverse environmental and operational requirements.  We also focused on fuel flexibility as part of this guiding principle.  No matter where you are in the world, we want you to be able to run a Dynamo generator.  Most of us default to diesel, but that may not be the easiest fuel to obtain.  To that end we are building a product that will work on the broadest ranges of fuels, from low BTU natural gas through diesel.  Part of making it “just work” also means the engine has to be self-adapting.  That means you as the end user don’t have to tell the engine what you filled it up with.  Just fill it up, hit start, and we will do the rest.


we are building a product that is easy to maintain.  Having a product that requires maintenance only once a year does help reduce the pain of conducting maintenance, but that is not good enough.  As robust as we make our product, something unpredictable can and will happen in the field, which means it can’t be a challenge to get the generator operational again. 
One of the reasons that diesel engines dominate the world of power generation is the relatively low skill set required to conduct maintenance and consequently the ease of finding qualified maintenance personnel.  No matter where you are in the world, you should be able to find a diesel mechanic who will eventually get your generator operational.  On the other hand, identifying and training a service network has been a huge choke point for most types of alternative energy.  Internally our goal is to make servicing a cinch.  We want even the most complex service to take less than hour.  To achieve this, we designed a whole new turbine platform that will make it easy to remove, repair, and replace any significant part of our prime mover.  Furthermore, we focus on leveraging the same skills and tools already used by diesel service providers today. 

Building a product this way means we can leverage existing service networks to provide service when and where it is needed; it also means we can get you back up and running sooner than the competition.  Lastly, and just as importantly, it means you don’t have to wait for us if you need the product today, as we have made every effort to make sure the product is simple for you to service too. 


we are focusing on a modular engine platform.  We realize that all of you have different power needs.  You need power as small as 1kW to over 75kW.  Doing that cost effectively, with minimal variation in product quality and serviceability necessitates a design that is flexible and easily modularized.

Beyond making sure we can provide you with a broad range of products, we are also doing this because turbines are a little bit different from your traditional Diesel.  We realize when you buy a 10kW product you know that is what you need.  We know you don’t want to have to deal with figuring out how humidity, or altitude, or temperature will affect the performance of our product.  We can easily make minute changes to the hardware and software to provide you with the power you need, especially when we leverage modular components.

Finally, we know many of you have changing power needs.  Perhaps your oil well begins to decline or your family starts to grow.  Leveraging a modular engine platform means instead of having to chuck out the entire genset, a power change will be as simple as replacing a few parts. 

It is with these guiding principles that we will deliver a product that will be in a class all its own.