– Promote Excellence and Dauntless Enthusiasm – 

– Take Pride in our work and the work of our peers –

– Be perpetually learning – 

– Make every effort to collaborate –

– Being Critical of the Status Quo –

Dynamo is where problem solvers come to innovate.  Through the continual juxtaposition of tangible application and self-reflection, employees are expected to drive value by understanding the world in which they work.   This concept transcends science and engineering to the realm of business.  We constantly challenge our decision making process, to ensure that Dynamo is continually inventing itself anew.  Given our propensity for exploration, we foster the discussion of any and all ideas in an open and respectful manner and apply them to the lens of our values, our mission, and our triple bottom line.  We live for the big why’s and the why not’s.

We also expect the best of ourselves and our partners, and know we are all in this together to conduct the labor of our lives.  We pledge to endeavor to create an environment where our peers can show their strengths.  I also pledge to develop our colleagues and encourage them to develop others, and will encourage them to grow personally and professionally.  Together no obstacle will be too big for us to overcome.