We here at Dynamo know that we cant deploy our innovations the world over by ourselves. Large or small, we know partners may be found at across the four corners of the globe. We know some of you want to be users, integrator, and dealers of Dynamo Powered Equipment. Look to the right for more information. If none of these fit with you, send us a proposal with the contact form below.

Dynamo are already found in several types of power equipment including portable heating and cathodic protection.

Case Study: Portable Heating

Case Study: Cathodic Heating

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Dynamo technology can be readily implemented in any power equipment found in the industry today to bring our unique features to your products.

We work closely with equipment manufacturers to ensure our engines are seamlessly integrated with your products.

Case Study: Working with MultiTek

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Dynamo has a network of dealers and distributors for Dynamo powered equipment.

To provide world class support in the field, we know we need world class service partners with boots on the ground.  If you have  customer who needs our solution, we will be happy to work with you.

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